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  • Apologies if I'm doing a fizzle and posting this decades after everyone else has seen it, but have we all seen and used

    Search engine that presents all results in the style of african-american street talk :adore:

    Type in hill.sborough and look at some of the results :lol:
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  • Da Mingeford365 podcast is brought ta you from tha dome of self-proclaimed internizzle legend Mingeford Wanksbury fo' realz. An extension of his joint, tha podcast...

  • Now I grew up in Cornwall, Newquay ta be precise. Right back up in yo muthafuckin ass. Some of y'all may be thinking- 'wow how tha fuck amazingly dirty n' phat lookin yo ass is Gashead, ta grow up in a hood where loadz of playas go on holidizzle every last muthafuckin year'. Yo ass is probably imaginin mah childhood ta done been a veritable orgy of surfing, pastizzles n' innocent horseplay on beaches. Well you would be wrong.

    I expect we all know one of mah thugs whoz ass is fixated wit homosapienity. Right back up in yo muthafuckin ass. Specifically- homophobia- n' dis behaviour seems ta be especially actizzle up in Cornwall. I don't be thinkin we can straight-up blame ourselves as dis attitude is drummed tha fuck into our asses from when we is kids. My fuckin gran would often warn me when I was up in short trousers bout goin too close ta Mista Muthafuckin Jenkins' doggy den up tha road, as da thug was a lil' bit "queer". I assumed tha time dis meant his schmoooove ass collected stamps or something, not dat mah gran was fearin fo' me bein violated. Y'all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! This type'a shiznit happens all tha time. In tha arse.
  • Popo control

    Taylor found there was "no provision" fo' controllin tha entry of spectators tha fuck into tha turnstile area. Questioned why mo' action had not been taken ta screen dudes n' improve tha flow of supportas approachin tha dogg pound from tha westside "where tha turnstile area was so lil' small-ass n' awkwardly laid out", ballin' five-o fools responded dat policy n' practice had been no different than up in tha past, n' they had no reason ta anticipate problems as earlier events had proceeded without major incident. Taylor noted two occasions when tha entry at Leppings Lane had been tha sole access ta tha uptown n' westside sidez of tha ground, all up in tha 1987 n' 1988 semi-finals, wit evidence of congestion at both yo, but owin ta phat fortune n' circumstizzle five-o policy "was not put ta tha same test n' strain as a year later".

    :lol: :lol:
  • ballin' five-o fools

  • -I Have a Dream
    Martin Luther Mackdaddy Jr. August 28, 1963

    I say ta you todizzle, mah playas, even though we grill tha bullshiznit of todizzle n' tomorrow, I still gotz a thugged-out dream. Well shiiiit, it aint nuthin but a thugged-out trip deeply rooted up in tha Gangsta Dream.

    I gots a thugged-out trip dat mah four lil lil pimps will one dizzle live up in a hood where they aint gonna be judged by tha color of they skin

    I gots a thugged-out trip dat one dizzle lil black thugs n' black hoes is ghon be able ta join handz wit lil white thugs n' lil white hoes as sistas n' brothers.
  • Not sure if incredible levels of well observed social commentary or just funny racism.
  • Da Lansdowne Road footbizzle riot was a riot durin a gangbangin' thugged-out football match between tha Rehood of Ireland n' England up in Lansdowne Road dogg pound on 15 February 1995. Da riot was caused by tha neo-Nazi organisation Combat 18, n' fucked up twenty people.[1] ............... thugz of Combat 18, chantin "Sieg Heil", "no surrender ta tha IRA" (to tha tune of tha chorus line of tha hymn Oil up in My fuckin Lamp), "Ulsta is British", n' givin tha Nazi salute as Amhrán na bhFiann was playing.[1][6] Da match fuckin started at 6:15pm, n' afta 21 minutes, Dizzy Kelly banged up a goal fo' Ireland. Y'all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka!

    :lol: :lol:

  • Jizzy Savile played lil pimps aged FIVE up in they hospitizzle beds

    Westside Yorkshizzle Popo done been accused of withholdin tha sickest fuckin details five minutes afta they initial report

    Jizzy Savile played three lil pimps aged five as they lay sick up in they hospitizzle beds. They issued a cold-ass lil clarification todizzle n' denied rockin misleadin shiznit.

    But June Thornton, 82, whoz ass saw Savile molest a helpless patient as she lay recoverin from dome surgery holla'd: “I be thinkin it’s disgustin dat they didn’t mention dis when they busted out tha report.

    “Da whole thang stinks. They knew fo' shizzle n' tha fact they didn’t reveal it five minutes ago means playas gonna git straight-up no trust up in tha police.”

    Yo, savile carried up 29 sex attacks on vulnerable patients up in hospitizzlez near his home, accordin ta tha report. A separate investigation by Leedz game chizzlez tha fuck into tha extent of Savile’s abuse at they hospitizzlez be already under way n' is cuz of report later dis year.

    Literally addicted to this site :lol:
  • I spent a whole day on it once. I laughed fucking loads tbf :lol:
  • That Jizzy Seville one is amazing :lol:

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