Few pics of my time in Cinque Terra last year
  • http://i42.tinypic.com/256y7f9.jpg

    Vernazza I believe, could be Riomaggiore though, these places bleed into one if you're there long enough


    Village on a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean, no biggie


    Traditional Japanese flute player from Hawaii, busking his way across the world. Think he might have been HIV positive




    You don't get blue seas like that anywhere else


    Obligatory dinner shot of freshly caught crab with homemade linguini

    Going back there in July for a wedding. Proper Italy :adore:
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  • :adore: Lovely pics. Think Italy will be awesome
  • Tuscany and the island of Elba are some of my Highly Recommended places after last year.

    I nearly drowned in Elba and spent my last night in hospital and it's still one of my favourite holidays :mashed:
  • I've yet to meet anyone whose visited Italy and doesn't love it. The people are meant to be fantastic hosts as well.
  • They are really friendly but they're quite racist though so you need to be okay with that

    The guy whose villa we rented last year was fantastic, big football fan to the point he had a massive games room with 72" plasma (surround sound obvo), fussball table, fully stocked beer fridge (beer was free), long table etc. Used to cook us breakfast in the morning and chat away, nice guy.

    Then the newspaper called Balotelli 'King Kong' after he scored against Germany in the Euros and he tried to explain why it was okay for Italians to not want to see black people anywhere near their team. You could see he was harmless but fucking hell :hohu:
  • it's that sort of racism that you don't see changing, it's one thing to see the EDL down the street chanting and mad as fuck and going 'okay, I don't think they'll ever change their views as it's politically motivated', but when it seems so bred into the culture you have to wonder what it would take to change it
  • :lol:

    I get a load of older racist customers at work so I'm used to avoiding/ignoring it. An old boy the other day used the term "the ni**er in the woodpile" :hohu:

    Looking forward to the food. Am I right in thinking though that if you order pasta in a restaurant they'd expect you to have another main course after? Sure it was in an Italy guide book I've got.
  • I've never had that problem re: pasta

    but then I don't look like a 25 stone rugby player like yourself so they probably think I'm overfed
  • "Bungles Brother" said:
    I've never had that problem re: pasta

    but then I don't look like a 25 stone rugby player like yourself so they probably think I'm overfed

    :lol: Cheeky fucker. I'm 6'2" and 15 stone!
  • Nah you can have pasta as a main no problem

    Since it was summer you'd normally go for salad to start anyway

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