FAO Mingeford: Bristol related
  • I saw George Ferguson smoking outside the Tobacco Factory earlier

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  • Sounds like a sensible place to smoke tbf.
  • So, so glad when he dies
  • Tobacco Factory

    Tobacco Factory
  • 2 questions

    1 why does your local paper keep changing its name?

    its changed twice since I last went to Bristol, just went on the site to see what it was called today and found this

    http://www.bristolpost.co.uk/Bristol-man-told-police-trying-light-fart-film/story-19146205-detail/story.html :lol: :lol:

    2 why does this new mayor bloke think its a good idea to ban any sort of parking around the city? your buses cost too much to get people to not use cars, and its a fucking mess of a city anyway with only like 5 roads in to the centre from the whole surrounding county

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