FORUM RULES - You must read before posting

    By posting on (hereafter referred to as 'the forum') you agree that you have read, understood, and will adhere to all information contained within this post.
    By signing up to this forum, you agree that you are over 18, and that the owners and administrators of the forum have access to your e-mail address and I.P details.
    You agree that everything that you post on this forum expresses your own opinion and does not necessarily represent the views of the owners and administrators of the forum, and as such the owners and adminsitrators of the forum cannot be held responsible for your posted content beyond all reasonable consideration.

    All posts/messages on this site are intended as irreverent banter and fictional stories, and should be treated as such.

    Below are the rules which will be upheld at all times. Disobeying these will be a banning.

    No excessive libel (you know when you are taking the piss- don't do it)

    No dodgy porn or gore vids (No kids, animals, killing or weird shit)

    Don't heavily abuse the mods (it makes baby jesus cry)

    No NWS threads until further notice.

    Don't post direct links to illegal downloads or football streaming - including putting hxxp instead of http.

    No posting from proxies (don't try and hide from me)

    Don't post people's details

    Don't be racist (and that counts even if you think you're not being racist)

    No posting swearing in large fonts

    No sharing of log ins

    Don't use this place to arrange or carry out reporting other forums or the declaring of plagues, poxes or downfalls. This includes telling everyone how this place is doomed.

    Any non-compliance with these rules, and you will be banned.

    If you have any issue with any of this site's content, please e-mail the administrator as the first point of contact. Your e-mail will be addressed promptly.

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